The War Amps
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War amputees started the Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program to share their lifetime of experience in living with amputation. Child amputees receive financial support for artificial limbs, regional seminars, resources and peer counselling.

Bert and Jenna have a very special tradition: laying a wreath together every year at their local Remembrance Day ceremony. It’s a comfort for Bert to know that Jenna will continue to do this through The War Amps Operation Legacy even when he no longer can.

Champs, like Jenna, are proud to carry on the legacy of “amputees helping amputees,” with your support.

When I was born missing a bone in my right leg, my parents had to make a very hard decision – to have my leg amputated at the knee. That was when we first met Bert, a War Amps member who lost his leg when he stepped on a landmine in Italy during the Second World War. He spoke to my parents and let them know that everything would be OK and that The War Amps would be there to help.