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“Eight years ago, we learned that our daughter, Ella, would be born missing her right hand. We had no idea what to expect. How would she do things? What problems would she face?

An email to The War Amps got a very quick response and Ella was registered in the Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program before she was even born! When we found out the cost of artificial limbs, we thought we might not be able to have them for Ella. Learning of The War Amps financial assistance for artificial limbs was a pleasant surprise. Ella started at 3 months with her first artificial arm. Now she has two – a myoelectric arm for everyday and a lightweight one for swimming and dance that she can put attachments on for things like gymnastics and paddling a kayak.

Before Ella was born, we had no idea what was in store for us. The War Amps has been there to help since day one, through the whole process of learning that we had a child with an amputation and what that meant. Now we don’t worry at all. We know she’s going to be fine.” - Melissa and Steven