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Don’t let it happen to you – PLAYSAFE!

Having seen the consequences of lawn mower accidents all too often, The War Amps has launched a summer-long push to pass on a potentially life or limb saving message to kids – that they should never be near lawn mowers.

Every year we see children enrolling in our Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program due to lawn mower accidents that could have been prevented. These accidents can happen so quickly and lead to life altering consequences.

For Roan and Zoe, it was a split second during a routine summer chore that led to their enrollment in the CHAMP Program. Both youngsters lost a leg when playing too close to a lawn mower.

Roan’s accident took place on the family’s farm when he was riding with an adult on the lawn mower and fell off. Zoe was running on the grass and slipped beneath a riding lawn mower.

The War Amps is spreading its kids-to-kids PLAYSAFE™ message in parades, presentations and safety blitzes to kids' groups, and in these hard-hitting public service announcements featuring Roan and Zoe's stories.

Roan and Zoe have their own message for kids - PLAYSAFE!