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The Boys of Kelvin High: Canadians in Bomber Command

Duration: 2 hours ($14.00) (cc) Available on DVD • Order DVD
First Released: 2005 • Read Script (PDF)

This documentary is dedicated to the Canadians who volunteered for one of the most dangerous occupations of the war - Bomber Command. Ten thousand of them never came home. This loss was felt by families and communities across the country.

Producer Cliff Chadderton, an infantry commander in WWII, made the shocking discovery that from his high school alone - Kelvin High in Winnipeg - more than 50 classmates were killed serving in Bomber Command.

The Boys of Kelvin High tells the remarkable story of those who flew in mighty bombers through enemy territory night after night. Against great adversity, they pressed on in a relentless drive to defeat Hitler's Nazi regime.

A member of The War Amps Operation Legacy helps tell the story. Growing up through the CHAMP Program, Chris Koch learned about war from those who were there. Now, he passes on the message from veterans. He visits two unique museums dedicated to those who served in Bomber Command - the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon, Manitoba and the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum in his hometown of Nanton, Alberta.

Younger generations today may wonder how the bomber crews ever did it. Most would tell that the bombing war was a dangerous job but that it had to be done. It was part of a total commitment to defeat the enemy.

Part I: The End of the Beginning follows the airmen through training, crewing up, the Battle of the Ruhr and the Dambusters Raid.

Part II: Press On Regardless continues to explore the experiences and dangers faced by the air crews in raids such as Peenemünde and the Battle of Berlin.

Excerpts from the book Grandpa's War in Bomber Command are featured in The Boys of Kelvin High: Canadians in Bomber Command documentary. This documentary can be purchased with the book Grandpa's War in Bomber Command at a special package price of $25.00.Order Book and DVD 


  • Gold Award - 2006 Worldfest-Houston (Texas)

  • Bronze Award - 2006 Mercury Awards (New York)


"The Boys of Kelvin High is an invaluable resource for learning about Bomber Command and is definitely worth watching. This video shows Bomber Command "as it really was," and truly brings the experience into perspective from the start of training to going on operations. For many veterans, this production depicts life in Bomber Command in a realistic manner."  

Dr. Jane Pilling-Cormick and Bill Bessent, Bomber Command Veteran,  
The Halifax Aircraft Families Association 

"This excellent documentary portrays the way I saw Bomber Command during my tour of duty – all the horrors faced by, and the heroics displayed by, many young Allied airmen. Congratulations to The War Amps for a job well done."  

Jack Singer, DFC, 9 Squadron 

"I was moved by the revelations of this film. It's a powerful, precise documentary. Cliff Chadderton is superb in his presentation and covers the whole area of Bomber Command well. I lived every moment as I sat there watching it. The most true to life revelation I have ever seen."  

Ed Carter-Edwards, 427 (Lion) Squadron 

"…I watched this documentary last night and I sat there and wept through a lot of it. The Boys of Kelvin High is as compelling as any war movie you will ever see." 

Larry Updike, CJOB Radio,
Winnipeg, MB (from September 14, 2005 on-air interview with Mr. Chadderton)