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Take No Prisoners: The Nazi SS in Normandy

Duration: 57 minutes, 30 seconds ($12.00) (cc) Available on DVD • Order DVD
First Released: 1997 • Read Script (PDF)

Take No Prisoners Video Jacket CoverTake No Prisoners is the Second World War story of more than 130 young Canadians who were taken prisoner by the 12th SS Hitler Jugend in Normandy. They were marched behind German lines, interrogated, and then brutally gunned down as they stood disarmed and helpless.

Cliff Chadderton has been haunted by this story for many, many years. This documentary highlights new information he has recently discovered about the atrocities. The production disputes the notion that the execution of Canadian soldiers was in retaliation for the mistreatment of German prisoners.

The production emphasizes the difference between the everyday German soldier, who fought by the rules of the Geneva Convention, and the Hitler Jugend. The Nazi philosophy turned 19-year-olds, nurtured in the Hitler youth camps, into ruthless killers.

In researching this documentary, Chadderton had access not only to British and Canadian records, but also to German SS Archival material. This footage displays the brutality of those ten days in Normandy when the courageous Canadians were caught up in a merciless frenzy of murder.

Take No Prisoners ends with a letter that Tom Windsor, the first Canadian officer to lose his life in the killing spree, wrote to his wife just before his death.


  • Gold Award - 1996 Worldfest-Houston (Texas)

  • Gold (Documentary) - 1996 Worldfest-Charleston (South Carolina)

  • Gold (Documentary) - 1996 International CINDY Competition (California)

  • Best Documentary Production -1996 Television Movie Awards (New Jersey)

  • Silver (Editing) - 1996 International CINDY Competition (California)

  • 3rd Place - 1996 International Film & Video Festival (Illinois)

  • Honourable Mention - 1996 Columbus International Awards (Ohio)