The War Amps

Miscellaneous Assistive Devices

Card Holders

Card Holders/Card Shufflers

For the arm amputee who enjoys playing cards, many types of card holders are available. In addition, an automatic card shuffler facilitates shuffling the cards - it is battery operated and works with a simple press of a button.

Grippers for various objects


Grippers of various sizes can be used on pens, pencils, knitting needles, and other items that would otherwise be difficult to grasp with an artificial limb.

Ice Cleats for Shoes / Boots

Ice Cleats for Shoes / Boots

Attachable cleats can be purchased which strap on to shoes or boots to avoid slipping on snowy or icy surfaces. Leg amputees need to be able to easily lift the artificial leg high enough to not "catch" the cleats when walking and stumble.

Photo Credits / Thank You
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