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Collage of war amputee veterans and child amputees.
Collage of war amputee veterans and child amputees.
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Your support has a lasting impact

The War Amps is committed to improving the quality of life for amputees, but this wouldn’t be possible without you. 

Today, your support ensures amputees have the artificial limbs and resources they need for everyday activities and learning to live with an amputation. Having access to The War Amps essential programs helps amputees prepare for tomorrow on their road to independence.

Daphnée, an arm amputee, smiles while standing in front of several trees.

A message from Daphnée

“Growing up having only one hand, regular tasks like tying my shoes or doing my hair were a challenge for me. However, with the support of The War Amps CHAMP Program, I never had to face those challenges alone.

“The War Amps has always supported me with artificial limbs, prosthetic attachments and valuable advice. I can do all kinds of activities – even rock climbing!

“I would like War Amps donors to know that you have a huge impact on young amputees – not only today, but throughout our lives. CHAMP is so much more than just artificial limbs. Being a part of the ‘CHAMP family’ has been a priceless gift, providing me with positive role models and the encouragement to believe in myself. I know that this solid foundation of support will help me throughout my entire life, and it would not be possible without your generosity.”

– Daphnée

Your donation benefits amputees today – and tomorrow.

Donate Today

The War Amps DOES NOT:

  • Use professional fundraisers
  • Receive government grants
  • Solicit by phone or door-to-door
  • Sell or trade your name/address
  • Spend more than 10% on administration
  • Tie up funds in long-term investments
We take seriously our responsibility to our donors and strive to provide them with the information needed to make a well-informed decision and have a sense of how their money is being used. Our Annual Report is one way in which we do that.