The War Amps
Key Tags Graphic 

Since amputee veterans started the Key Tag Service in 1946, The War Amps has returned more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys to their owners. Today, this service is more important than ever, with the high replacement cost of keys and remote devices.

Key tags are mailed to Canadians once a year, but are available for order at any time. The sheltered workshop where the key tags are made provides employment for Canadian amputees and other people with disabilities.

Key Tags Are Secure and Confidential 

Your confidentially coded key tag is registered to your name and address. Only The War Amps can match a key tag number with the owner of lost keys.

If you lose your keys, the finder can call The War Amps toll-free number printed on the back of the key tag. A bonded courier will be sent by The War Amps to pick up your keys at the finder's location, and they will be returned to you right away. Or, the finder can deposit your keys in any mailbox in Canada. Canada Post delivers them to us; we return them to you by courier or by mail. At no time will we divulge the name or address of the owner to the finder of lost keys. 

We stress that this is a free service. If you see value in The War Amps programs and services, you can choose to make a donation.

Key Tags Are For Any Keys You Wish to Protect 

Key tags are not just for car keys! They can be used to protect any keys you have, such as house, apartment, office, and cottage keys.


Even if you have not donated, your lost keys will be returned to you if a War Amps key tag is attached to them and if the finder follows the instructions on the back of the tag.

The Key Tag Service Is Uniquely Canadian! 

A set of keys with a War Amps key tag, deposited in a mailbox in Canada, is forwarded to us as a result of an agreement between Canada Post and The War Amps. We do not have such an agreement with postal services outside of Canada. Although some keys have been returned to Canadian owners from locations abroad, we cannot guarantee that our tags will protect your keys if they are lost outside Canada. We can guarantee, though, that The War Amps toll-free number, printed on the back of the tag, does work in the United States.