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The War Amps provides amputees with financial assistance for artificial limbs and information resources that address all aspects of amputation.

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Child Amputees

The Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program offers comprehensive services to child amputees and their families, including financial assistance, regional seminars and peer support.

CHAMP serves children in Canada (under 18) who are born without a limb or have lost a limb due to an accident or medical causes. Children who have multiple amputations may also qualify for enrolment in JUMPSTART.

Abel was born without the lower part of his left arm. His prosthetic limbs and devices, funded by The War Amps, allow him to do everyday tasks as well as play his favourite sports like basketball.

CHAMP Stories

To enrol in the CHAMP Program

Please complete the enrolment form.
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For more information, please contact us.
1 800 267-4023
1 866 235-0350

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Thanks to public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service, CHAMP provides financial assistance to child amputees and their families.

Standard Artificial Limbs

The cost of an artificial limb is a heavy financial burden for most families, especially considering that child amputees outgrow their limbs as regularly as they outgrow clothing. CHAMP assists with the costs of standard or “everyday” artificial limbs and ongoing adjustments and repairs by paying the portion not covered by provincial or private medical plans, or group insurance.

Provincial government coverage for standard artificial limbs varies greatly across the country.

Recreational Limbs and Devices

CHAMP considers recreational limbs and devices to be a necessity for child amputees so they can keep active and take part in activities with their friends and families. The program covers 100 per cent of the cost of recreational limbs and devices, such as those designed for swimming, biking or playing a musical instrument.

No assistance is available through any of the provincial government medical plans for the provision of recreational limbs.

“Our son [a leg amputee] struggled with his balance when swimming and so was dependent on water wings. Since he has gotten his water leg, he can explore and play in the water like any other child his age. He has begun to swim on his own! That leg changed so much for him.” CHAMP parents Robyn and Logan

Travel to Prosthetic Centres

Canada is fortunate to have prosthetic and rehabilitation centres from coast-to-coast to serve amputees. However, many child amputees and their families do not live near one of these centres. Travel to and from prosthetic centres can be costly, and multiple appointments to fit an artificial limb may be required over the course of several days. CHAMP provides financial assistance towards travel costs to and from prosthetic centres for its members.

War Amps Bursaries

Members of CHAMP between the ages of 18 and 24 who are pursuing post-secondary education are eligible to become part of the CHAMP Development Program, with a focus on developing skills and knowledge that can set them out on the road to independence.

Regional Seminars

Regional Seminars

Regional CHAMP seminars provide young amputees and their parents an opportunity to learn about amputation, access valuable resources, share advice and see new developments in artificial limbs.

Seminars have a life-changing effect on child amputees (and their parents), as they meet other kids “just like me,” learn to accept their amputations and develop a positive outlook on their futures.

A wide range of sessions is offered:

  • Sessions on artificial limbs and special recreational limbs and devices – Champs demonstrate the artificial limbs and devices they use for activities like hockey, swimming or playing the violin
  • Sessions where amputees exchange practical advice and personal insight into challenges they face, such as staring, teasing and questions about their amputation
  • Sessions just for teens to address topics like learning to drive, body image and applying for jobs
  • Sessions devoted to helping parents with the unique challenges of raising a child amputee
“My son was diagnosed with cancer last year and has undergone a leg amputation. Our first CHAMP Seminar was incredible. It dealt with issues such as body image and how to handle everything from stares to changing schools. Those who have been in the program for years are now leading groups to help others. The War Amps supports the child amputee in all stages of their development.”CHAMP mom Melinda

Peer Support

Peer support is crucial to fostering the positive attitude young amputees require to overcome challenges. CHAMP provides a network of support to child amputees and their families.

Matching Mothers (and Fathers, Too!)

New parents receive tremendous benefit from speaking with a family who has “been there.” It can be a huge relief for them to hear that as their child grows up, they will be able to participate in activities with their friends, learn to drive, pursue their career goals and lead an independent life. By sharing common concerns and exchanging information, families get a positive glimpse into the future.

CHAMP parents volunteer to participate in Matching Mothers and are not professional counsellors. Their role is that of a parent of a Champ who knows the importance of a match and who can offer support and share experiences.

To request a match with a CHAMP family, contact CHAMP.

Junior Counsellors

Junior Counsellors are older members of the CHAMP Program (14 years or older) who offer support for child amputees and parents, providing practical advice and personal insight into growing up with amputation. They are natural role models who carry on The War Amps legacy of “amputees helping amputees.”



Through JUMPSTART, children with multiple amputations receive funding for computers and assistive computer devices.

Computers level the playing field for multiple amputees from a very early age, allowing them to do tasks like writing, homework and creating artwork.

Lightweight computers and tablets are easily transported and prevent the need to carry heavy books. Technology such as voice recognition software helps with notes and reports. Courses and assignments, including group work, can be done online.

Through accessible computer technology funded by JUMPSTART, career doors are opened to multiple amputees, putting them on the road to lifelong independence.

“Thank you so much for your funding of my laptop through the JUMPSTART Program. I am very grateful for everything War Amps has helped me with. I'm not sure where I would be without you! I plan on using my laptop at university for my school work and to load my textbooks onto it. I hope to one day be able to give back to your organization.” Justin

Living with Amputation

Our information for children and parents covers the many stages of childhood and the teen years.

More information related to all aspects of amputation can be found under Living with Amputation.

Parenting the Child Amputee

Parenting the Child Amputee covers many of the concerns and experiences parents encounter in raising a child who has an amputation – from infancy and first visits to the prosthetist to entering school, the teen years and beyond. This resource booklet is equally helpful to parents of new amputees and to those who are facing new challenges as their child grows up. The booklet also covers topics like family dynamics and responding to questions. The content is based on the work of our Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program.

Parenting the Child Amputee

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Parenting the Child Amputee booklet, please contact us.
1 800 267-4023, 613 731-3821


Advocacy can help child amputees and their parents learn their rights and access important financial and health-care entitlements. We can also assist in areas such as government benefits, employment, driving, sports and activities, and insurance and legal issues.

If you or your child has been treated differently because of an amputation and it has caused harm or prevented access to services, The War Amps can help. We encourage all those who have encountered issues to contact us.

1 800 267-4023

Leave a Lasting Gift

Leave a Lasting Gift

You can continue the legacy of “amputees helping amputees” with a charitable bequest in your will. With your help, The War Amps will continue to meet its commitments to children – and all amputees – long into the future.

Learn more about charitable bequests

Audrey has been a member of CHAMP since she was just a few weeks old. As she grows up, The War Amps will be there for her and her family every step of the way.