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A Message to Alberta Residents

When You Renew Your Driver’s Licence, Say “YES” to The War Amps Key Tag Service

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When You Renew Your Driver’s Licence, Say “YES” to The War Amps Key Tag Service

The War Amps and the Alberta government have embarked on a joint project that will allow The War Amps to continue providing its services to Albertans. With your consent, the Alberta government will provide The War Amps with your name and address so that we can mail key tags to Albertans.

  • When you renew your licence at your local Registry Agent Office, you have the opportunity to sign a consent form releasing ONLY your name and address to The War Amps.
  • By saying yes, you will be added to The War Amps mailing list to receive your confidentially coded key tags once a year.
  • There is no cost for the service and no obligation to donate.
  • If you see value in the way the Key Tag Service safeguards your keys, you can choose to make a donation.
  • You can be added to our mailing list immediately by ordering a set of key tags today through our website.
“After we lost our keys, the dealer quoted a replacement cost of $800. Imagine our delight when the keys were returned to us by courier from The War Amps!” Catherine
“Thank you for the safe return of my keys! My car fob would have cost $265 to replace, so I am especially happy to have it back.” Joffre

How do key tags work?

  • Attach a confidentially coded War Amps key tag to your key ring. It is registered only to your name and address.
  • If you lose your keys, the finder can call the toll-free number on the back of the tag or place them in any mailbox in Canada.
  • The War Amps will return your keys to you by courier, free of charge.

Every year, The War Amps returns approximately 13,000 sets of lost keys.

Donations to the Key Tag Service help provide child amputees in Alberta, like Benjamin, with the artificial limbs they need to lead active lives.

How long is your consent valid?

Your consent is valid for five years and can be renewed each time you renew your licence. By doing so, you will continue to receive your key tags and The War Amps will continue to receive your up-to-date address automatically from the Alberta government.

What if you want to withdraw your consent?

You can contact us at any time if you would like to remove your name and address from our mailing list.

The War Amps
1 Maybrook Drive
Scarborough, Ontario
M1V 5K9
Attention: Privacy Officer
1 800 250-3030

Read our Privacy Policy.

The War Amps DOES NOT:

  • Use professional fundraisers
  • Receive government grants
  • Solicit by phone or door-to-door
  • Sell or trade your name/address
  • Spend more than 10% on administration
  • Tie up funds in long-term investments
We take seriously our responsibility to our donors and strive to provide them with the information needed to make a well-informed decision and have a sense of how their money is being used. Our Annual Report is one way in which we do that.