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Darevin’s Story

One day when Darevin was playing, he got too close to a lawn mower and lost his foot.

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Darevin’s Story


Darevin teamed up with players from the BC Lions for the 2017 CFL PLAYSAFE PSA.

The War Amps has seen the consequences of lawn mower accidents all too often. Every year, children who have been seriously injured are enrolled in our Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. That is why we are launching a public awareness campaign to pass on an essential and possibly life-saving message to kids – that they should never be near lawn mowers.

Having lost his left foot in a lawn mower accident, Darevin is eager to share his story. As a Safety Ambassador for The War Amps, he appears in public service announcements to help spread the PLAYSAFE™ message. He warns other kids to spot the danger before they play so that they won’t have a serious accident like he had.

When people ask about my leg, I tell them that I got too close to a lawn mower and I lost my foot. Don’t let it happen to you… PLAYSAFE! Darevin

When you donate to The War Amps Key Tag Service, you help provide child amputees like Darevin with the artificial limbs they need to lead active lives.

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PLAYSAFE: Don’t Let It Happen to You

A few seconds of fun in the wrong place can change your life forever!

In this PLAYSAFE video, child amputees (Champs) Rebecca and Adam invite viewers to join them on a SAFETY WALK™ to learn how to spot the dangers in their neighbourhoods.

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PLAYSAFE: Don’t Let It Happen to You

“I watched your video with my six-year-old. It has made her more aware that accidents can happen, and we need to be safe even while doing everyday things like mowing the lawn. Thank you!” Charlene