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Jaelynn’s Story

Jaelynn’s Story

Jaelynn is an independent five-year-old who has learned to do all kinds of things using her myoelectric arm.

Jaelynn’s Story

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Jaelynn’s Story

“When our daughter Jaelynn was born, we were already aware that she would be missing part of her arm. Not knowing what to expect, it was hard to grasp at the beginning and we had a lot of questions. A doctor recommended getting in touch with The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, and we’ve been involved ever since.

“Life for Jaelynn without The War Amps would be a lot different. She wouldn’t have the artificial limbs she needs, due to the high cost, or the independence she now has because they allow her to do things with two hands. We know that there is always someone we can call if we have questions or concerns, or just need someone to talk to who’s been there and knows what we’re going through.

“Through the Matching Mothers Program, Jaelynn was matched early on with a girl a few years older who has the same amputation. She’s there to encourage Jaelynn and show her how to do things in a way that we can’t – even something as simple as how to do a ponytail with an artificial arm!

“As parents, it takes the worry off of us, knowing that she has that kind of support growing up and throughout her life, and for Jaelynn, it means she can just live daily life as any other kid does. Our little ‘Champ’ says thanks to all of you who donate to The War Amps, and we are so very grateful too.”

— Josephine and Kenny, Jaelynn’s parents

Your support of the Key Tag Service helps provide child amputees like Jaelynn with the artificial limbs they need to lead active lives.

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Since The War Amps first sent out key tags 75 years ago, the public’s participation in the service has made it a success. By using the Key Tag Service, you are a part of what we do! Your support funds essential programs for children, veterans and all amputees across Canada.

  • If you lose your keys, the finder can call the number on the back of the tag or drop them in any mailbox.
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