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Julianna’s Story

Being born missing her right arm below the elbow hasn’t stopped Julianna from living a full and active life and achieving her dreams.

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Julianna’s Story

The War Amps believes in the dreams of child amputees and encourages them to develop a positive attitude towards their amputation, and live to their full potential.

Julianna has a passion for dancing and doesn’t let her amputation hold her back. Thanks to support from The War Amps, she received a specially made artificial arm with a flexible wrist and fingers that helps her to push and spin and gives her more freedom when dancing.

The War Amps has helped me so much in achieving my dream of dancing because they’ve been there with all their support and funding money for my prosthesis and even my confidence when I’m on stage. I’m just so thankful.Julianna

Julianna’s parents say dancing makes her very happy. “We are so proud of Julianna and all that she has accomplished. She has a positive attitude and lets nothing stand in her way,” says Mom, Hazel.

Thanks to donations to the Key Tag Service, we are helping child amputees like Julianna achieve their dreams. Your support makes it possible!

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Leave a Lasting Gift for Child Amputees

Leave a Lasting Gift

A charitable bequest in your will honours the legacy of war amputees and changes the lives of child amputees for the better.

My uncle was a very special man with a generous heart and he couldn’t think of a worthier cause than helping child amputees. He knew you would use this money well to bring smiles to children’s faces and make their challenges easier.Family member