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A collage of Champ Michaela, a young female arm amputee, growing up.
A collage of Champ Michaela, a young female arm amputee, growing up.
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Michaela’s Story

“Our daughter Michaela was born missing part of her left arm, as well as some fingers and toes. When we first found out, we were just happy that she was otherwise healthy, but then we started wondering how she would do certain things, like learning to crawl with only one arm.

“The War Amps has been there for us since day one and has given us so much support through the CHAMP seminars and just being there to answer our questions.

“We call Michaela’s artificial arms her “helper hands.”  They help her do things in a way that doesn’t overwork her other hand, which could cause problems when she’s older. She has her everyday helper hand as well as a special one for activities like bike riding. Her bike device is shaped to fit onto the handlebar but will also detach quickly if she falls off.

“Without the funding from The War Amps, it would be very difficult for us to get her any prosthetics at all. Whatever isn’t covered through our workplace insurance and the government, The War Amps steps in and covers so she has these devices to help her through daily life.

“We know that many of you support the Key Tag Service. Your generosity gives our daughter a better life and we can’t thank you enough. Being a part of The War Amps has played a big role in her independence and confidence. She feels fearless and she can do anything. Thank you so much for making this possible for her.”
— Tracie and Jeremy, Michaela’s parents

Your support is life-changing for child amputees, like Michaela.

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A young female arm amputee gives a white rose to an elderly Second World War amputee veteran wearing a uniform.
Veterans like Mr. Jefferson, who lost his left leg in the Second World War, started the CHAMP Program and have been role models to generations of child amputees. Today, Champs like Isla carry on their legacy by attending remembrance events to honour the sacrifices of all our fallen soldiers and veterans.